Can You Explain This? - Conceptual Exercises for Physics Students


Christopher Wozny

Associate Professor of Physics and Chemistry

Waycross College

Waycross, Georgia


This workbook of conceptual exercises has two purposes: one is help students understand important physics concepts and principles; the second is to help students develop the problem-solving skills needed to solve conceptual exercises consistently and correctly. Each chapter of the workbook examines a different physics topic encountered in a general physics or technical physics course, and each unit has three different types of conceptual exercises. The exercises are “Conflicting Contentions” tasks, “Qualitative Reasoning” tasks, and “Can You Explain This?” tasks.

  1. Kinematics (pdf or Word)
  2. Newton's Laws of Motion (pdf or Word)
  3. Applications of Force and Motion (pdf or Word)
  4. Energy and Momentum (pdf or Word)
  5. Pressure and Fluids (pdf or Word)
  6. Heat and Temperature (pdf or Word)
  7. Vibrations, Waves, and Sound (pdf or Word)
  8. Optics (pdf or Word)
  9. Electricity and Magnetism (pdf or Word)
  10. Modern Physics (pdf or Word)
  11. Inroduction for students (pdf or Word)
  12. Introduction for instructors (pdf or Word)