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Very Large Contexts (VLC) in Physics

(last updated on 1/22/'02)

All the wonderful (?!) navigation on the left pertains to the initial project. It may be worth your while to immerse yourself within it if you want to know what and why we did when. However, if you're more interested in what's going on now (and you don't care why), just go to the Word Documents for what it currently is...

by David Weaver of Chandler-Gilbert Community College 

Partially funded by the TYC Physics Workshops for the 21st Century which, in turn, are supported in part by a grant (#9950062) from the Division of Undergraduate Education of the Advanced Technological Education Program of the National Science Foundation

Many people have contributed to this project, knowingly and unknowingly and I would like to thank them all. First of all, major kudos go to Curtis Hieggelke of Joliet Junior College (Joliet, IL) and Tom O'Kuma of Lee College (Baytown, TX). They are primarily responsible for "ruining" me as a physics lecturer in 1994 and continuing to provide opportunities to reinvent myself as a physics educator. After attending a Curt & Tom Boot camp (a.k.a. Workshop) in Dayton, OH in November of 2000, I got very excited about teaching Physics in Context. They saw fit to provide curriculum development dollars for me to extend what I learned in Dayton to the whole of physics (sort of). Thanks guys!

My Division Chair, Melinda Rudibaugh, Dean, Maria Hesse, and President, Arnette Ward have been very supportive of my efforts to reform my physics classes. They have funded my travel, purchased needed equipment, and given me the space and freedom to experiment and explore. Thank you ladies... 

A bunch of other folks deserve thanks so here it is... Thanks!

There is considerable overlap of materials in the links to the left. For example, if you select the "Summaries" link, you will see a list of the summaries for all 6 projects. Whereas, if you select "Proj. 1", you will see the summary, specifics, general, evaluation, etc. for that project. It depends on how you want to navigate. 

The "Word Documents" link takes you to a page that has the complete projects as Word documents. Furthermore, the Word documents represent the most recent edits and they have not been altered by the process of converting to web files (you will notice some of the views provided are a bit weird because the html got jumbled). I've also included student feedback for each of the projects from Fall 2001 plus I've included New! and IMPROVED!!! projects for 2002 as well as a copy of a syllabus in this section.

If you are looking for the PowerPoint presentation from the AAPT 124th Winter Meeting in Philadelphia, PA on 1/22/2002, click right here.

These pages were mostly created in Microsoft Word and saved as web files and the site was assembled using the CoffeeCup HTML editor. For those who participated in the HTML preworkshop for the Physlet workshop, the source code is pretty ugly. Word inserts lots of formatting information that makes the code somewhat (?!) difficult to read.

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