August 1-4, 2001 (Wed.-Sat.)

HTML & Physlets Workshop

one of the TYC Physics Workshops for the 21st Century

(supported in part by a grant (#9950062) from the Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE) by the Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Program of the National Science Foundation (NSF))at Joliet Junior College

in Joliet, Illinois (near Chicago)

Wolfgang Christian (Davidson College), David Weaver (Chandler-Gilbert Community College), Andrew Duffy (Boston University), Martin Mason (formerly at the College of the Desert now moving to Palomar College), Tom O'Kuma (Lee College), Scott Wennerdahl (Joliet Junior College), and Curtis Hieggelke (Joliet Junior College)

 HTML sessions on August 1(Wednesday) covering the basics of HTML will be lead by David Weaver and Martin Mason. Blackboard's CourseInfo system will be lead by Scott Wennerdahl

 Physlets sessions on August 2-4 covering the basics of using and customizing Physics Applets will be lead by Wolfgang Christian, Andrew Duffy, and David Weaver.

 HTML & Physlets Workshop Schedule (revised July 30)

 Participants and Presenters List (updated 7/27/2001)

 Transportation Arrival Pickup (including times) and Departure Information (revised 7/27/01). O'Hare International Airport information. Please check for any problems

 Map to Main Campus of Joliet Junior College and campus map to workshop site in E Building

 Meals will be provided for participants for Wednesday morning - Saturday evening

 Motel: Wingate Inn-shared with another participant rooms will be provided for Tuesday evening to Saturday evening as needed. Participants wishing a single room or bringing a spouse will be expected to pay for half of the room. We have a limited number of rooms available.

 Motel Room List (revised July 28)

Workshop Presenters

 Wolfgang Christian (Davidson College)

 David Weaver (Chandler-Gilbert Community College) uses Physlets and JiTT in Blackboard see

 Andrew Duffy (Boston University) uses Physlets in three main areas:

incorporating them as simulations in pre-lab assignments

as simulations and animations to use in class

in Physlabs, which is a bit like an on-line alternative to a textbook, where the focus is on the physlets

 Martin Mason short bio (formerly at the College of the Desert now moving to Palomar College)

 Tom O'Kuma short bio (Lee College)

 Scott Wennerdahl (Joliet Junior College)

 Curtis Hieggelke short bio (Joliet Junior College)


 What is a Physlet?

 HTML & Physlets Workshop Description

 General Workshop Information



 Physlets Website Link

 Pre-workshop materials (mailed to participants)

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