Alan Van Heuvelen


Ph.D. Physics, University of Colorado, 1964

B.S. Physics, Rutgers University, 1960


Professor of Physics, Ohio Sate University, 1/93-Present

Professor of Physics, New Mexico State University, 9/73-12/92

Associate Professor of Physics, New Mexico State University, 9/67-9/73

Assistant Professor of Physics, New Mexico State University, 6/64-8/67


Fellow of American Physical Society 9/99

Millikan Medal, American Association of Physics Teachers, 8/99

Burlington Northern Award for Achievement in Education, 9/92

Burlington Northern Award for Achievement in Education, 9/86

NSF Faculty Development Grant, 8/80-8/81

NATO Senior Fellowship in Science, 6/74-8/74

NIH Faculty Fellowship, 6/71-9/72


Alan Van Heuvelen, "The workplace, student minds, and physics learning system," accepted by Am. J. Phys. and to be published in July or August, 2001.

Alan Van Heuvelen and Xueli Zou, "Multiple Representations of Work and Energy Processes," Am. J. Phys. Frebruary 2001.

Alan Van Heuvelen and David Maloney, "Playing Physics Jeopardy," Am. J. Phys, 67, 252-256 (1999).

Alan Van Heuvelen and Paul D’Alessandris, ActivPhysics I and II (a comprehensive interactive multimedia CD and workbook), Addison Wesley Longman, Palo Alto, CA (1997 and 1999).

Alan Van Heuvelen, Constructing and Applying Conceptual Models 2e (a complete laboratory learning system), Hayden-McNeil Publishing, Inc., Plymouth, MI (1998).

Alan Van Heuvelen, contributor to "Why Physics?," (a video used to encourage high school students to study physics), Cambridge Educational, South Charleston, WV (1998).

Alan Van Heuvelen, "Using Interactive Simulations to Enhance Conceptual Development and Problem Solving Skills," in The Changing Role of Physics Departments in Modern Universities: Proceedings of ICUPE, eds. E.F. Redish and J.S. Rigden, The American Institute of Physics, 1119-1136 (1997).

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Alan Van Heuvelen, "Experiment Problems for Mechanics," The Physics Teacher 33, 176 (1995).

Alan Van Heuvelen, "Construction of Conceptual Models and Experiment Problems," Proceedings of American Association of Physics Teachers and NSF Lab Focus Conference, Boise ID, (1993).

Alan Van Heuvelen, "Learning to Think Like a Physicist," Am. J. Phys. 59, 888-897 (1991).

Alan Van Heuvelen, "Overview, Case-Study Physics," Am. J. Phys. 59, 898-907 (1991).


Talks: Eight invited talks at national and regional meetings and twelve colloquia.

Workshop Leadership: Was leader or co-leader of 24 workshops for middle school science teachers, and high school and college physics teachers, including NSF-sponsored multiday workshops for two-year college physics teachers, regional and national workshops for American Association of Physics Teachers meetings, NSF sponsored workshops on the use of technology, and workshops for high school and college physics teachers in South Africa, China, Canada, South America and Australia.

Undergraduate Student Supervision: Presently working with one undergraduate student (a future high school physics teacher) and supervised two others in the last 3 years.

Graduate Students: One graduate student completed Ph.D. in Science Education in 1997 and three have finished in the 2000-01 academic year with a fourth expected later this year.

Postdocs: Have worked with three postdocs in last three years (one at present).

Courses Taught in last three years: Physics by Inquiry (pre-service for teachers) and Introductory Physics (calculus based for engineering students).

Consultant C3P: The Conceptual Core Curriculum in Physics is a four-year NSF-sponsored research and development project to develop a comprehensive conceptually based, inquiry-based, and lab oriented curriculum for high school physics students.

Introductory University Physics Project: This was a multi-year national effort (1987-1991) initiated by the American Institute of Physics and supported by the National Science Foundation to bring about reform of the introductory physics course for students in engineering and the physical sciences. Was a member and co-chairperson of the Evaluation Committee.

Committee Membership: American Association of Physics Teachers Committee on Undergraduate Education, American Physical Society Committee on Education.

Associate Editor: American Journal of Physics (1/92-12/95).