Dave Vernier received a B.S. in physics from Ohio State in 1969. He taught high school physics and physical science in inner city Cleveland, Ohio for four years. In 1973 he and his wife, Christine, moved to Oregon where David completed a masters degree and again taught high school physics.


David started using microcomputers in his physics classes in the late 1970’s. In 1981, he and his wife started a small company to sell Apple II software to science teachers. That company, Vernier Software & Technology, grew steadily, and in 1984 David quit teaching to concentrate on it. The company has continued to grow and now employs about 60 people, including six other former science teachers. The company has been won several growth awards and "Best Places To Work" awards for the state of Oregon. Vernier produces sensors, lab interfaces, lab books, and software for use with Windows and Macintosh computers and Texas Instruments graphing calculators. The Vernier LabPro interface won the "AAPT Most Innovative Product Award" at the January 2000 AAPT meeting. David spends most of his time doing technical support of existing products, developing new products, and attending science teacher meetings.