John Gastineau


John Gastineau earned a Ph.D. in Physics in 1986 from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, doing experimental work in atomic collisions. As a university-level physics instructor for ten years, his primary teaching interest has been the introductory physics course. He uses microcomputer-based lab tools and simulations extensively in his lecture-lean teaching, and has given invited talks on their use at both national and international physics and science education meetings.


John is Staff Scientist for Vernier Software & Technology. He is an author of Physics with Calculators, Physics with Computers, Real-World Math with Computers, and Nuclear Radiation for Computers and Calculators, published by Vernier Software & Technology, as well as Real-World Math with the CBL2 and LabPro and College Physics for the CBL and TI-86, published by Texas Instruments. An avid whitewater kayaker and mountain biker, he is also a member of the Mt. Hood Ski Patrol, patrolling year-round on a snowboard.