Bio (David Weaver)

David Weaver began teaching for the Maricopa Community College District in 1982. Over the last 20+ years, hes taught all levels of community college physics as well as over a dozen technology courses, study skills, general education capstone, and computer art courses. Hes served as program designer and coordinator for an Electronics/Microprocessor Technology program as well as for a Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology program. David has also been division chair, acting occupational dean, president of the faculty, president of the state AAPT, and chair of the Maricopa Physics Instructional Council.


Mr. Weaver began his journey into alternative methods of physics teaching over a decade ago at a Tom and Curt Boot Camp (aka Physics Workshops) on Microcomputer Based Laboratories. Since that time, hes attended numerous other Boot Camps as well as two of the two-year PEPTYC programs. In November of 2001, David attended a Boot Camp at Sinclair College, conducted by Fred Thomas. The topic was Physics in Context, and David hasnt been the same since. Hes developed a number of Very Large Context activities for use in both semesters of the algebra-based college physics courses and he vows that he will never go back to the topic-focused approach to physics.